700,000 LED matrix building digital light show

led matrix light

Axiom, carved from more than 700,000 LED matrices, is an immortal building/multidimensional canvas used for audiovisual experiments. The device appears as three symmetrically aligned arches, presenting a series of animations that embody and wrap its surface And contours, while gazing at its virtual volume through the illusion of depth effects and artificial digital shadows. There is a transition between form and lighting within the axiom; the purpose is to make the observer reconsider the virtual and the actual. The absolute size of the LED array can also convert the sculpture from video presentation media to a strong light source, allowing the conversion and interaction of contextual video material into a high-impact stroboscopic effect.

Animations and synchronized soundscapes provide a continuously evolving simplified framework that transforms from the pulse of meditation to fast percussion and is enhanced by hypnotic musical overtones. As these audiovisual arrangements gradually unfolded throughout the work, people explored, dissected and reinvented the symmetry of light, sound, space and time. The distortions of various synthesis and dance techniques illustrate the substantive deconstruction in order to reconstruct it in an alternative way. Direct analysis of time and space.

Axiom evokes a new form of non-linear experiential response by using and reusing the power of cutting-edge vision technology, software systems and construction technologies, breaking the conventions and making it possible for you to step on the forefront of thinking.

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